5 Numbers

Only the BBC does great programmes like this.

Five numbers is a series of 15 minute programmes about numbers in mathematics. The first series covered zero, pi, the Golden Ratio, imaginary numbers and infinity.

A second series [Another five numbers]  covers 4, 7, prime numbers, Kepler’s Conjecture and game theory.

A third series covers Benford's Law [essential listening if you are contemplating accounting fraud], doubling [Moore’s Law etc], degrees of separation [it applies to more than Kevin Bacon], G and taxicab numbers.

There is also -

Five Shapes - the cube, the pyramid, the sphere, the bagel [aka torus] and the blob.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely, the BBC internet radio service is a godsend, particularly if, as in my case, your home reception of FM on a normal radio is less than perfect. I find I listen to far more Radio4 programmes than I used to, simply because I can choose when I listen.