Sarkozy rueing HADOPI?

It has been disclosed that the   agency created to administer HADOPI has  sent 755,015 first warnings to alleged pirate downloaders in its first 14 months of the law introduced by Sarkozy's government.

That is 755,015 people who have had a direct and negative contact with their government thanks to a law introduced by Sarkozy.

Now that Sarkozy is facing defeat in the Presidential elections I wonder if he regrets HADOPI?

It was never clear why the HADOPI was introduced. There was nothing in it for the French. There were accusations of dubious tactics being employed to get it into law.  Did money change hands?  Were the French told what to do by the Americans?

Whatever went on behind the scenes I bet  Sarkozy bitterly regrets pissing off almost a million people.

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