A geographical todo list

Whenever I read or hear of somewhere interesting that I might want to visit I add it to my geographical todo list. This is simply a Google map with push pins. Perhaps a better word for this would be a togo list.

The illustration shows a set of pushpins for Italy. Some of the push pins  have  links to web pages which have more information on the destination. The push pins are organised into layers, so that I can turn on the set for one region or type of destination without turning them all on.

Whenever a location accumulates enough push pins I start thinking about a visit. Before travelling I print out the map and the list of push pins and take these with me. I also use Google maps to plot the route I will be following and calculate distances.

Even if an area does not have enough push pins to justify a special visit I may be able to visit some of the pins en passant as I pass by en route to somewhere else. I recently did this for some travelling I did in the UK.

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