ISIS v Rotherham

The UK government and their media lickspittles have been busy trying to get us worked up about ISIS in Syria and Iraq. The aim is apparently to persuade us to get involved in military action against these fiends in human form.  The latest device was to heavily publicise the murder of an American journalist. The ISIS fiends apparently chopped off his head. This is so clearly beyond the pale that we must bomb them asap. If we don't they will be over here chopping our heads off.

The BBC has been doing its best to promote the government line by making it a lead story and announcing ISIS activities in that tone of shock-horror that some of their people do so well.

However, there are a few problems with the government's cunning plan.

1. Nobody here cares about headless Americans.

2. If we bomb ISIS that will make it more likely they will attack us, not less.

3. We have had enough of lying bastards taking us to war to last us for a long time.

I don't really blame David Cameron. The UK is a vassal state of the US and Dave has to do what the Yanks tell him to do.  If he ever does discover his testicles he could tell the Americans that the civil war in Syria and the creation of ISIS was a result of an Israeli black operation to topple the Syrian government and cut off arms supplies to Hamas. Now it has gone wrong and produced something worse than the Syrian regime they, as usual, want us to do their dirty work for them.

Rotherham is a different matter. Fourteen hundred young girls have been sexual abused over many years by gangs of Pakistani men. The activities of these gangs was covered up by members of the local council and South Yorkshire Police. The government has shown little inclination to do anything about this and is apparently hoping it will all go away and they can get back to doing more useful things like obeying their master's orders.

However, there are a few problems with the government's cunning plan.

1. The British public really does care about Rotherham.

2. The government needs to launch a massive arse kicking operation on the council and South Yorkshire Police.  A lot of people need to lose their jobs and some need to go to prison.

3. The government, in their little Whitehall bubble, are completely out of tune with the British public.

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