Product Blighter

Every superhero has a secret power.

Mine is product blighting.

When I discover a new product  that I like I know it will not be long before my secret power destroys it. My power is particularly effective on food or drink.

Superman could fly. I can remove stuff from supermarket shelves.

The power works in various ways.

If I only like the new product then the supermarket or shop may stop stocking it or the manufacturer stop making it.

If I really like something then the farm or factory will probably be burnt to the ground, the ground sown with salt and  workers forced to flee as refugees.

This Venn Diagram shows how my power works.

I am thinking of commercialising this power.  For example, do you have an annoying competitor?  Would you like its products to disappear? 

I can solve your problem. Contact me for a list of my attractively priced 'LIKES'.

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