Sick of it - The Olympics ad nauseam

I soon got sick of the  excessive media coverage of the games. I was never very interested and by the end I was thoroughly sick of hearing the word Olympics.

The problem is that July/August is a low news period. Parliament is in recess, most of the more intelligent journalists are on holiday in Tuscany and the low brow sports reporters have hogged the media in the absence of anything better.

I do not care who can run the fastest or jump the farthest.  I don't want to bath in any reflected glory if my countries athletes win medals. It is nice for them if it is what they want but it has nothing to do with me. I didn't do anything; other than pay extra taxes.

As usual the dimwit journalists have missed the real story about the games.

That is that it has been an organisational triumph.  A colossal organisational task  was completed flawlessly. The facilities were completed ahead of time and under budget. The transport system coped extremely well. Nobody had anything other than praise for how the games were organised. That is the real British triumph.

I don't expect the media to ever notice but it would be nice if the politicians, particularly Cameron and Johnson, acknowledged that the real heroes of the games are the people who behind the scenes who made everything work so well. 

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