Truncheon Pursuivant

People who constantly say 'you know' when they are trying to describe something are number 14 on my list of things that really annoy me.

What they are saying when they say 'you know' is -

I am too lazy to actually compose a coherent sentence and I want you to do the work for me.

I am too stupid, ignorant, inarticulate or poorly educated  to say clearly and concisely what I mean.

I have a verbal tick and I need to be smacked about the head until I am cured.

You know?

Yes, I probably do, but I still want you to say it.

When I become Supreme Ruler of Britain I plan to create the  post of Truncheon Pursuivant. This official would be attired in a suitably awe inspiring costume and equipped with a large rubber truncheon.

The Pursuivant's duty would be to go around the country applying his truncheon to anybody who has done something that I consider annoying. The truncheon would be applied with particular vigour to anybody who has said 'you know'.

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