Early technology at an English Country House

The photographs are from Erddig, a country house near Wrexham in Wales. It is one of the National Trust's most popular properties. It was owned by the Yorke family for over 200 years.

It is not an architecturally distinguished building, nor is it associated with any great events. As far as I know the Yorkes never held any great offices of state.

What makes the house interesting is it emphasises the life 'below stairs'. The lives of the house's servants, rather than its masters. If you visit Erddig you can see how the servants lived and how they did their jobs. The Yorkes were interested in their servants. They had their portraits painted and photographs taken. There are displays of these portraits and photographs throughout the house.

Erddigwas very self sufficient.  They grew their own food and made as much as they could from the timber, stone and clay on the estate. This must have made for a very self contained community.

Water Heater

Wash Cycle

Rinse Cycle

Vacuum Cleaner

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