The Elephant of Nantes

We were wandering about the Isle de Nantes, an island in the center of the river that runs through the French city of Nantes, when we came upon this 20 foot tall elephant.

 The elephant is a replica of the Sultan's Elephant which was created in 2005 and travelled around the world until destroyed by its creators. Its Wikipedia page describes its visit to London.

The new elephant is a production of the Machines de l’Ile of Nantes.  They have a workshop in an abandoned shipyard on the island. The elephant is only one of their many creations. My next post will be on the workshop and its marvelous machines.

You can buy a ticket which provides a visit to the machine workshop  and a ride on the elephant. Unfortunately, we were too late for a ride on the elephant but we did get to visit the workshops [see next post].

The elephant returns to its lair for the night.

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