Teach Yersen Scots – NED

Your word for today is NED. It stands for non educated delinquent and is a generic term for the creme de la creme of young Glasgow males. NEDs are greatly admired in the West of Scotland because of their intellectual attainments, cool sophistication and dress sense. They are immensely proud of their title and welcome being addressed as NEDs.

They are very hospitable and, on your next visit to Glasgow, you can be sure of making lots of new friends if you address a group of them loudly and confidently as “Yer fugly wee NEDs”. They will immediately surround you and make sure that your visit to Glasgow is one that you will always remember.

Do not worry if they offer to give you a 'Glasgow Kiss'. This is not an homosexual overture.

Your bonus word was fugly. It means handsome.

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