Buranlure - a French moated manor house

Regular readers will know I like moated manor houses and have visited and posted about several  English houses  [just click on the houses tag on the right to see the posts].

This beauty is in France. I would like to see inside but it seems it is privately owned and only available for films or functions.  The aerial shot below shows that there are some buildings outside the moat where one could keep butlers etc. [so avoiding having the lower classes underfoot all the time].

My own house is sufficiently unusual as to feature on a Scottish banknote, a Royal Mail stamp and be considered part of the patrimony of all mankind by UNESCO. Even so, I would really like to have a moated manor house [Mummy, Mummy, I want one. Sell a corgi and buy me one]. Buranlure would suit me very well. I wonder if the lord of the manor still has droit du seigneur.

Castle Loevestein (Slot Loevestein] is another attractive house. It is in Holland and can be visited.

From the aerial photograph below the location looks ideal for Mr Toads who like boating and dislike unwanted visitors.

I like the nearby hamlet. It would be very convenient to have my serfs so close to hand. However, I don't think I would want to live in Loevestein. I insist on a central courtyard. I need somewhere to conduct my open air activities away from the censorious case of the common people.

For those who really find neighbours annoying this would be ideal.

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