Want to earn £100 [$160] for a few minutes work? Join the British police

How would you like to earn a quick £100 [$160]? You could spend it on a good night out with the boys.

It is easy if you are a British policeman [or woman]. Just arrange for a mate to call you from the station whilst you are off duty.  If they ask you a work related question you will immediately qualify for four hours overtime at the rate of time plus one third. The call only needs to last  a few minutes to earn you £100 in overtime payments.  Link

"The BBC's home affairs correspondent Danny Shaw says that police who take a "short phone call requiring a decision" while they are off duty can claim their hourly pay rate plus one third. The minimum pay rate is for four hours."  Link

Of course, when your mate fancies a few quid for a night out  you can return the favour and ring him from the station.

A nice little earner for the boys in blue. Apparently it is not only Members of Parliament who have been robbing us.

The police are Britain's last home of "Spanish Practices".  How long before a government gets the guts to tackle these uniformed scammers?

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Todd HellsKitchen said...

Glad to know Americans aren't the only ones with such loopy loopholes!