More Morbid Stuff

Following my item about Sedlac a post about the ossuary appeared in another weblog called Boing Boing. This prompted somebody to write in about a similar place in Poland.

"I realized that here in Poland we've got a similar sacral place. It's located in a village called Czeremna, near a famous spa center called Kudowa Zdroj in lower Silesia. About 24 thousand human skulls are gathered there (3000 in a main hall, the rest in a cellar). A priest named Waclaw Tomaszek dug them out in during the XVIII century, and the chapel itself was built in the 1780s. The human remains mostly date from the 30-year war (1618-1648) and epidemic disease which killed thousands of people in that period."

There is a link to Polish website with some photographs of the site.

Its possible to get a reminder about the transience of human flesh without going to Eastern Europe. A trip to the Catacombs of Paris will provide pretty much the same experience.

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