More Fake News

Time had the following on their front cover.

That Trump, what an heartless bastard. Separating a mother and her child. Making a little girl cry.


The reality is rather different. The BBC has the correct story.

Mr Valera said his daughter and her mother, Sandra Sanchez, have been detained together in the border town of McAllen as Ms Sanchez sought asylum. 
Honduran Deputy Foreign Minister Nelly Jerez verified Mr Valera's version of events to Reuters.

Carlos Ruiz, the Border Patrol agent who stopped Ms Sanchez and her daughter, said the mother was asked to set the child down so she could be searched.

"The kid immediately started crying as she set her down," said Mr Ruiz. "I personally went up to the mother and asked her, 'Are you doing OK? Is the kid OK?' 

"And she said, 'Yes. She's tired and thirsty. It's 11 o'clock at night.'"

The BBC published an objective report.  At the time of posting the libtards at the Guardian are still silent.

I wonder if Time will apologise for publishing fake news?

It is remarkable how the libtards are so obsessed by their hatred of Trump that they cannot help stepping into his fake news bear trap.

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