EU tyre labelling

In November 2012 the EU introduced new labelling for tyres.

The new standard gives motorists a way of comparing new tyres on their fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise.  Previously it had been hard for buyers to tell if one tyre was better than another. The aim of the new standard was to gives better consumer information and, in the longer term, provide manufacturers with  an incentive to produce better products.

Recently I went into my local  tyre retailer. There were twelve tyres displayed and only one had a visible label showing its EU ratings. The other eleven had a label showing the retailer's own rating system. I was told that it was different from the EU standard.

I am not going to speculate why the retailer failed to display the EU standard information for all their tyres, but I will not be going to them next time I need a new tyre.

I would also suggest that the legislation needs to be changed to make it an offence not to clearly display the EU standard ratings for all the tires that are being offered for sale.

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