I'm offended

Apparently giving offence is now a criminal offence and giving offence to someone's religion justifies them acting violently.

Dim witted Chief Constables appear to believe that they can arrest anybody whose Facebook posting offends their delicate sensibilities.

Religious bigots appear to believe that if media in another country 'insults' their religion it is OK to kill, break and burn.

That all seems perfectly reasonable to me.

I am offended by -

1.  Jackass policemen who abuse their office and ignore our rights of free speech.

2.  Anybody who gets carried away by their favourite superstition.

3.  A really long list of  people, particularly the officious, stupid and intolerant.

I want them all punished because they are making me cry.  Fencing off Sussex as a giant prison camp should be enough to hold all the people who have come between the wind and my nobility.  I demand immediate action.

Or, I could just get a sense of proportion, shrug and get on with my life. 

Maybe I will do that. Any day that brings nothing worse than offence is a good day.

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