Choosing the right way

I have a framed copy of this print [The Broad and Narrow Way] on my study wall.  On the left is the broad way. Enter through the wide welcoming arch and at first you have fun. Then it all turns wrong and you finish in the fires of hell.  Just shows you what happens when you have fun.

If you find the narrow gateway on the right and live a miserable, sanctimonious life then eventually you will spend eternity in Heaven.

Then there is this instructional poster for young ladies.

If a young lady reads saucy books, flirts and takes strong liquor by the time she is 40 they will be stoning her in the streets. Be a Wee Mary [St Andrews slang] and all will be well. Not sure how the virtuous one got to be a mother. Probably some form of parthenogenesis.

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Todd HellsKitchen said...

Oh yes... beware the saucy book!