The Metropolitan Police walk the king's dog

The London Metropolitan Police seem to be devoting a lot of resources to finding the people who attacked Prince Charles's car during December's student protests. If they find them, what will they charge them with? Vandalism, or will they manage to stretch it to something more substantial?

Why all the attention? Nobody was hurt; though two elderly people were slightly alarmed.

I am sure London residents who have been subject to petty crime and received little or no attention from the police will be impressed by the woodentop's priorities.

It was always the way.

In 'Flashman at the charge' Harry Flashman gives his opinion on official priorities.

Mark you, I’d no time to waste marveling over the fatuousness of this kind of mismanagement; it was nothing new in our army, anyway, and still isn’t, from what I can see. Ask any commander to choose between toiling over the ammunition returns for a division fighting for its life, and taking the King’s dog for a walk, and he’ll be out there in a trice, bawling ‘Heel Fido!’

He was referring to the British Army at the time of the Crimea but things don't change.

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