The InterBox Service

I've occasionally use the Interflora service to send bunches of flowers to distant relatives. You go into a local flower shop, select a bunch of flowers and dictate a message.

Your order is then sent to a flower shop close to your relative, who might be on the other side of the world, and they deliver a bunch of flowers and a card with your message.

It works very well and I'm now looking for an equivalent service designed for parents with froward children living overseas. The service might be called InterBox and I envisage it working as follows. As with Interflora you would go to a local shop and select a message that you want delivering.

Then, in some distant country, which might perhaps be New Zealand, a matronly figure would go to see your offspring, who might, say, be a daughter, and give their ears a thorough boxing. Whilst they were doing that they would be shouting your message in the aforementioned ears. The message might be, say, ‘keep in touch with your family, or else’.

If there isn’t already such a service, could somebody start one?

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