Liberals kill Snoopers Charter.

The so called Snoopers Charter was an attempt by the UK police and secret police to set up a system spy on everything that we do online.

Kudos to Clegg and the Liberals for killing the proposal [Link].  I thought they had forgotten why some of us vote for them. Maybe they are getting back their identity.

The scheme was supposed to make us safer but was wildly disproportionate to any risk we face.

Not only would it have been a gross invasion of our privacy but it would have given far too much power to the UK's security apparatus. Knowledge is power and the Snoopers Charter would have given enormous power to the secret squirrels.  From our mobile phone they would have known where we had been, who we had been with and who we had contacted. From our browsing they would have known what we read online and what we wrote. They would have spied on journalists and politicians and would soon have been able to issue them instructions. They would have acquired enormous political power.

The career of Edgar Hoover of the FBI is a lesson to all politicians of the risks of allowing the squirrels to know too much. Hoover used his files to blackmail politicians and defy Presidents. We don't want to create an Edgar Hoover in the UK.

If this paranoid just consider what Putin did before his present job. Consider that George Bush used to run the CIA.

BTW - In all the reporting on the Snoopers Charter I have not noticed any naming of the people behind the scheme. It was a shadowy body called the Joint Intelligence Committee.  I am not sure why journalists have been so reluctant to identify this very dodgy group. They are the same people who want to set up secret courts so the public does not find out about the secret squirrel's misdeeds.

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