Amazon v John Lewis

I have just bought a Samsung Galaxy Note tablet to replace my iPad. I had the choice of buying online from Amazon, or  either online or offline from John Lewis.

For non UK readers, John Lewis is a highly rated [by consumer groups] chain of department stores. They were a few pounds more expensive than Amazon but I bought offline from them for the following reasons.

John Lewis pays UK tax. Amazon is reportedly dodging paying its fair share by moving its profits offshore. I don't like that.

John Lewis is owned by its employees and is British.  Amazon is neither.

Amazon provides good service. John Lewis provides even better.  They are well known for their ethical behaviour and the quality of their staff [aka owners].  There is a big difference between the quality of JL staff and those of other retailers. Owning your own business really does make a difference.

Amazon is getting too big. The danger is that they will start to abuse their dominance. We have recently had a spate of bankruptcies by UK High Street retail chains and there are now lots of empty shops.

BTW - My first impression of the Galaxy Note is that it is a cracking piece of kit that shows just how overpriced and outdated the iPad has become.

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