America and Israel

An informative podcast about the relationship between Israel and its American vassal state.

From the podcast transcript -

Annabelle Quince: At the end of World War 2, a world shocked by the horrors of the holocaust supported a resolution in the newly formed United Nations, to divide the British mandate for Palestine in two, creating a Jewish and an Arab state.

While the resolution was officially supported by US government, the Truman administration was divided over the wisdom of establishing a Jewish state in the Middle East. Some officials feared that US support for and Israeli state would aggravate the Arabs and undermine US interests in the region.

John Mearsheimer: Truman, who was inclined not to recognise Israel, nevertheless did recognise Israel. And the principal reason that he did it was for domestic political reason.

 He felt that if he supported Israel, he would get money from prominent Jews that would help him in his election campaign in 1948. And furthermore, he knew that if he recognised the state of Israel that he would get lots of Jewish votes and that that would help him stay in the White House. And of course he did stay in the White House; he won a close election that fall.

Not much has changed. American politicians [including Obama] are still sacrificing America's national interests to their own and Israel's interests, and for the same reasons.

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