Snippet - Newspapers

In 1950 a British street of 100 houses could be relied on to buy 140 newspapers a day and 220 on Sunday.

In 2010 the same street bought just 40 papers a day, Monday to Sunday.

In 1966, the Daily Mirror sold 5.1m copies a day, the Daily Express 4m and the Daily Telegraph 1.4m. Last month, those titles had circulations of 1.2m, 631,000 and 635,000 respectively.

I used to buy a daily newspaper Monday to Saturday and two on Sunday.  Five or six years ago I stopped buying any and saved £400-500 per year.  By reading online with RSS I got the information I wanted, not what some newspaper proprietor wanted to sell me. I also got my information from a range of sources, not just one.

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