Coalition needs to stop sounding guilty on welfare reform

Whenever a Coalition spokesman is on TV explaining welfare reform they always sound so guilty and evasive.

Stop it!

There is nothing wrong with changing housing benefits and insisting that people live in a house and an area they can afford. I don't feel that I a being 'socially cleansed' when the taxpayer does not subsidise me to live in a mansion in Park Lane. I live where I can afford to live. So does everybody else. Why should welfare recipients be exceptions.

There is nothing wrong with getting people off benefits and back to work. Some people need help and should get it. Others could work but have settled into a cosy life of state supported idleness.  We have too many of this second group of parasites and we need to force them to earn their own living. There is nothing wrong with that and I believe the majority of people would support such a policy.

Yet, whenever Coalition people are interviewed they always sound so evasive. So evasive that anybody listening to them must assume they are acting with ulterior motives and doing something wrong. This just plays into the hands of Labour. When people sound guilty, people assume they must be guilty.

My advice to the Coalition is simple.  Stop being ashamed. You are not doing anything wrong, stop sounding as if you are. Answer questions simply and directly. Ignore the London Chateratti and sanctimonious BBC interviewers.  They majority of people in this country have to work and have to cut their clothes according to their cloth.  They have been waiting a long time for a government to start acting on welfare reform.

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