Corehouse is a large house near Lanark, Scotland. The house was built in 1844 by Sir Edward Blore for the Cranstoun family. It lies on its own estate by the River Clyde, and is close to the World Heritage village of New Lanark. The house is currently occupied by David A. S. Cranstoun of that Ilk, chief of the Clan Cranstoun. The clan motto of ""thou shalt want before I want" is incised over the main entrance to the house.

Corehouse is in the foreground in the aerial photograph below. The large white building in the center is Bonnington Hydro-Electric Power Station. This is owned and operated by Scottish Power. There are two smaller buildings behind the power station. The one on the left is a private residence. The one on the right is a electricity sub-station.

The house can be approached by footpath from New Lanark by walking through the Falls of Clyde Nature Reserve to Bonnington Linn, crossing the Clyde at the bridge that is just above the Falls, and walking back along the south bank of the Clyde. The house can also be reached by minor roads from Kirkfield Bank. Public footpaths run close to the house.

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toluc said...

I Had the joy and pleasure to return Corehouse to the house you see today. For 3 years, as Site Agent,I had the pleasure to meet the family and slowly return their home, section by section. It wasnt just a house, but a home. when the contract completed, there were some tears. A small mausaleam exists on the estate, vandals had broken the stone cross above the entrance. when I told my masons, they were mad. We went down to the edge of Cora Linn and extracted a thin slab of rock and cut a new cross, unknown to the family we rearected it. The best contract I ever had and one I will ever live with.