How digital am I?

I avoid driving about 8-9,000 miles per year by working at home over the internet.

I have a fixed line phone but only use it about once a day [I live in an area where mobile phones do not work], otherwise all my correspondence is by email.

I phoned a bucket shop to book the airline tickets for my last trip [to New Zealand] because their prices were better than net prices and it was a complicated itinerary. Otherwise, I cannot remember when I last used a travel agent.

I have never bought groceries over the net and would probably only do so if housebound.

I buy and sell on eBay, and have managed to realise over £3,000 selling items that would otherwise have been left to gather dust in an attic.

I would not touch internet banking with a bargepole, but I have a telephone bank and I buy all my insurance over the phone.

I bought my last three items of clothing over the internet.

I currently have four deliveries outstanding for items I have bought online. I have never had a bad online buying experience.

I do not know more people online than I know in real life, but if I was not working I would.

I have several desktops with broadband connections and a portable with WiFi.

I have stopped buying a newspaper and now get all my news through RSS feeds. I subscribe to over 200 feeds.

I publish three weblogs and about two dozen web pages.

I no longer watch TV very much, it’s too simplex.

I can still write with a pen, but it’s getting harder.

How digital are you?

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Anonymous said...

Several of your points rang a bell here too. Writing with a pen has become particularly difficult - if I have to write more than a brief note, my fingers begin to develop cramp.