Plastic bags

From the BBC 'Costing the Earth' podcast.

UK plastic consumption is 120kg per person per year.

Only 8% of that is domestic consumption.

The rest is used by industry. Some in moving goods from factory to store. Some in the building industry [i.e. water, gas and sewage pipes in and outside homes and other premises].

Of the 9.6kg of domestic consumption about 9%  [0.86kg] is plastic bags [shopping bags, refuse sacks etc.].

So plastic shopping bags account for somewhat less than 0.7%  of the average persons consumption of plastic.

Plastic is produced from oil. Plastic production accounts for 8% of global oil use.

British politicians are doing their bit to cut oil consumption and reduce plastic waste by requiring supermarkets to charge for each plastic bag they supply.

Hallelujah, we are saved.

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