Threadless quality problems

Threadless is a Chicago based t-shirt printer. They have an interesting business model with many functions crowd sourced. Anybody can submit a design. The community decides which designs get printed and, since Threadless do small print runs, which designs get reprinted. They appear to be entirely web based and have an excellent website.

I recently bought some t-shirts from them. The ordering system worked perfectly, delivery charges were very reasonable and order execution was rapid. The shirts cost from $10 to $20 each.

The problem was quality.  The material was thin and some of the stitching was coming loose. I did not think they were worth their price. It appears that Threadless used to source their shirts from the USA but have now gone to overseas suppliers. . The ones I got came from China.

I wore them once then gave them to a charity shop. I will not be buying from Threadless again.

November 2011

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