The Rickmer Rickmers and Cap San Diego in Hamburg Harbour

The Rickmer Rickmers and the Cap San Diego are museum ships moored in Hamburg Harbour.  They are open to the public. On a previous visit I went around both ships. On this trip I just took someone to see the Rickmer Rickmers.

The Rickmer Rickmers

The Rickmer Rickmers was built in 1896 to carry rice and bamboo from Hong Kong. She must have been one of the last of the commercial sailing ships and was clearly designed to operate with a small crew. The masts are steel and the sails were hoisted by steel hawsers connected to steam engines.  She looked a very comfortable ship with very nice cabins for the officers. All the steel used in her construction probably made her a much safer ship than the old wooden sailing ships.

The white hulled ship moored alongside the Rickmer Rickmers was [I think]  a sail training ship.

The Cap San Diego

The Cap San Diego was built in 1961 for the South American run. She was one of the last of the tramp ships before containerisation swept away such ships away. When I went around her I was impressed by the spacious cabins of the crew and passengers. I would have liked to have gone around her again but we were short of time and it was raining. 

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