UK Government fights for higher mobile phone charges

The EU is trying to reduce the amounts that mobile phone users pay when they make calls in other EU countries. The UK Government, aided and abetted by France and Spain, are opposing the proposal and want to keep charges much higher than the proposed EU rates. You can read more about the affair here.

It is nice to see the Labour Government taking so much trouble to help the telecoms companies to continue overcharging us. I wonder why are they doing that? Could some Minister have been "lobbied" by the telecoms companies?

Stories like this are also a setback for the Little Englanders who get so incensed about the EU. Here we have a case of the EU trying to save us money, and our own government opposing the idea.

I will be traveling in Europe this summer and when I get my mobile phone bill afterwards I will be sure to be grateful to the Labour Government for representing commercial interests over mine.

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