Another Anti-Semite Is Born

I found this on another blog [sorry, I have lost the link].

"The other day on CNN I saw a woman in Tyre, Lebanon, whose apartment had fallen in on her thanks to Israeli bombers, shout, 'Death to Israel. God punish Israel.'

No doubt an anti-Semite, like the young men chanting the same thing as they stood amid the rubble that was once their town.

I am reminded of Karl Kraus's aphorism: 'The psychiatrist unfailingly recognizes the madman by his excited behavior on being incarcerated.'

Likewise, the Israel supporter unfailingly recogizes the anti-Semite by his excited behavior on having his home destroyed by the IDF."

I suppose it never occurs to murderous bastards that people despise them, not because of their race or religion, but because they are murderous bastards.

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