Accessing Blocked Websites

This article starts by writing about India’s blocking of some blogs hosted on If the story is true it is a bizarre and undemocratic thing for the Indian government to do.

In the second half of the article the writer goes on to explain how to test if your access to a website is blocked by pinging it. This is easy to do. On a Windows XP machine select Start/Programmes/Accessories/Command prompt and a little window will open. In the window type Ping [or whatever web address you want to check] and see if you get a response. See the illustration for what a ping response looks like.

Ping is also useful for checking if you have a working internet connection. Just ping any site and see what happens.

This second article explains some of the other things you can do at the Command Prompt level.

Finally, there is some very good stuff about how to access banned websites.

This is a really well written and informative article.

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