Who is this?

Who is this?

"He was fairly soft-spoken and his posture was poor. He rarely smiled, but when he did he looked like a cat who’d just swallowed your canary. His abiding obsessions were taxes and weapons. He thought taxes should be cut always and everywhere, except for poor people, and he thought that we should build as many weapons as possible … He was appalled by the very idea of poor people. In fact, he’d once said he didn’t think there were any poor people left – “just a few hermits or something like that.”

On this issue, He was the intellectual heir of an old idea expressed most succinctly by the preacher Henry Ward Beecher: 'No man in his land suffers from poverty unless it be more than his fault – unless it be his sin.'"

It tough to guess because it could be so many people.

It was actually Bob Bartley,  an editor with the Wall Street Journal. It could have been half of the UK's Conservative Party, or most of the  Republican Party.

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