Media Libtards shrieking again

Their latest shrieking is about Trump giving the Russian government intelligence which will enable the Russians to more effectively fight their mutual terrorist enemies.  How dare the complete and utter swine give out information which might prevent terrorist attacks?

Of course, if he had instructed that such information not be provided then they would have been shrieking about him aiding terrorists.

They might have been better employed asking why the intelligence clowns have been keeping such information 'Top Secret', instead of cooperating with Russia.

I have just read another Libtard piece about Washington 'reeling' over this story.

Don't they wish.

Sadly for them they are not nearly as important as they would like. I doubt if -

1.  The average American has the slightest interest in this 'fake news' story.

2.  The occupants of the White House care what the NYT, the CIA Tatler and Bystander [aka The Washington Post] and other Libtard bubbles write or rant.

[Washington Post  - Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post for $250 million. Bezos is also the boss of Amazon. Amazon's web hosting company recently won a $600 million contract to host cloud services for the CIA.  It has also been reported that the NSA and the FBI are considering asking Amazon to host their cloud services.  Of course, such relationships in no way compromise the Washington Post's journalistic integrity.]

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