BBC's ad nauseam coverage of Mandela's death

So far the BBC has had over 2,000 complaints about its completely over the top coverage of Mandela's death.  He was for a time an important politician in an unimportant country. However, he was also a convicted terrorist.

Oh, you may say, that was just under apartheid.  No, it wasn't. Mandela would have been convicted as a terrorist under current UK laws and probably got pretty much the same sentence.

He did well after he was released but nothing could justify the absurdly excessive coverage of his death. It was if the BBC has decided to put the rest of the world on hold [they are probably not doing anything interesting] and devote all its resources to just one story.

I would  have expected the BBC to have produced some insightful coverage of South Africa's current political situation. Instead most of items were very superficial. The kind of stuff a journalist might have produced in their hotel room just from reading the local newspapers and the government briefing packs.

This is yet another example of poor editorial judgement at the BBC. It is an organisation that is demonstrating over and over again that it needs major reform and a whole load of management redundancies. They also need to get rid of most of the burnt out overpaid hacks in their newsrooms.

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