How much to bail out Theresa May?

The UK's Home Secretary has finally got Abu Qatada on a plane to Jordan.

Jordan has agreed to give him their version of a fair trial.

The Abu Qatada farce appears to be over but I would like to know how much it cost to get the Jordanians to take him.

Abu Qatada was no danger to us. He was in jail.  However, as National Bogeyman, he was a danger to Theresa May and her ambition to be Prime Minister. She had to look tough and get him out of the country.

May is basking in the praises of the press and dimwit MPs but the question nobody seems to be asking is what we had to give Jordan to get them to take the Bogeyman.  I suspect it was a lot. They would know they had May over a barrel and could ask whatever they liked.

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