NHS not safe in Tory hands

I assume David Cameron would like to win the next election and keep on being Prime Minister. It was going to be a big ask because our perilous financial state means there will be very little money to hand out in electoral bribes. Still, it was doable. Most people realise our present state is a present from Gordon Brown and don't seem to blame the Tories.

The Labour Party was very helpful. They elected a snotty kid as their leader. Someone who often sounds like a cheeky little public school fag, but never like a Prime Minister.

The big issue in British politics is the NHS. The British electorate love the NHS and they don't trust the Tories to look after it.

Any politician with more cunning than a  dead squirrel would have known to leave the NHS strictly alone. Give it a funding increase in line with inflation, but otherwise keep their hands off it. If cuts were needed, make them elsewhere. The aim should have been to not give Labour a cudgel to beat them with at the next election. To not allow Labour to say that the NHS was not safe with the Tories.

Did they do that?

No, of course they didn't.

You can just imaging the conversation in Downing Street.

Q. What musnt we do?

A. Mess with the NHS.

Q. What are you going to do next?

A. Mess with the NHS.

Cameron put a wackjob in charge of the NHS and allowed him to come up with a radical plan which is opposed by just about everybody, including doctors and nurses. A plan which demonstrates beyond any doubt that the NHS is not safe with the Tories.

Cameron's next stroke of genius was to treat the issue as a virility test. He seems to think that if he does not get the plan through Parliament people will think he has a very small dick [as opposed to thinking, as they do at the moment, that he has a very small brain].

I really do despair. There was just one issue that the Tories had to treat with loving care; the NHS. Instead they have managed to dig a very large hole and throw themselves in it. Wasn't sixteen years out of office enough? Do they want another stretch on the opposition benches?

Maybe Cameron was over promoted. It is hard to see that a more experienced and cunning politician would be making such a pigs ear of the NHS.  Can you imagine Alex Salmond making such an elementary mistake? Nobody will ever get to suggest that NHS Scotland is not safe in with the SNP.

It is obvious what Cameron needs to do. Lets see if he is capable of doing it.

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