Blogger to close?

Google is closing Buzz. This is the latest in a long line of services that Google have recently closed.

It makes me wonder if Blogger will be next. I cannot see why it should not be. Google have not made any commitment to continue Blogger. It cannot earn much revenue and they could save money if they closed it.

Doubts about Blogger's future make me reluctant to invest time and effort in posting. If Blogger closed I would lose all my work.  You can export your blog posts, but only the text element. Any photos are lost and without photos many of my posts would be pointless. It would be a different situation if it was possible to export an entire blog, photos included, as a PDF file. Then I would have a record of my past work. However, Google have never bothered to provide that capability.

It makes sense to to minimise my risk. I am closing down my other Blogger blogs. I will also be doing some of my future posting on another service.


This article on Google is worth reading. It has a explanation of why Google launched a particular free service.

"Google released a US-only directory inquiry service called GOOG-411. You dialled 1-800-4664-411 and spoke your question to the robot operator, which parsed it and spoke you back the top eight results, while offering to connect your call. It was free, nifty and widely used.

What was it getting with GOOG-411? It soon became clear that what it was getting were demands for pizza spoken in every accent in the continental United States, along with questions about plumbers in Detroit and countless variations on the pronunciations of ‘Schenectady’, ‘Okefenokee’ and ‘Boca Raton’. GOOG-411, a Google researcher later wrote, was a phoneme-gathering operation, a way of improving voice recognition technology through massive data collection.

Three years later, the service was dropped"

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