Shambles at Delicious - moving to Pinboard

The Delicious bookmarking site used to be owned by Yahoo. It is now owned by YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. They have launched a new version of the site and it is crap.

Users have lost some of their data and many useful features have been removed. It has been dumbed down to the point of imbecility.  I am stopping using it and will be bookmarking at Pinboard in future.

I have been splicing my blog posts and Delicious bookmarks into a single RSS feed using the Google Feedburner link splicer. Some of you subscribe to that feed.

Unfortunately, Google have not updated the link splicer for years and I cannot splice in the Pinboard feed. If you want to see my Pinboard bookmarks you will have to either

visit Pinboard [ ]

or add the Pinboard RSS feed [ ] to your feed reader.

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