Goodbye to the NYT Tech Talk podcast

I used to enjoy the NYT Tech Talk podcast. It was often entertaining and occasionally informative. Today I deleted it from my iTunes subscription list.

Four  advertising breaks, what sounded like a blatant product placement disguised as a review and a blurb for a book written by a NYT staffer finally broke the camels back.

The Guardian's Tech Weekly podcast used to be dumbed down but it has greatly improved and now has some very good content and well informed commentators. It will be a more than adequate replacement.

I used to listen to several of Leo Laporte's TWIT podcasts but as the advertisements increased and the information content decreased I dropped them all. That little piggy was just too eager to get rich quick.

Also, many of the people taking part in the podcasts did not seem to know what they were pontificating about. Laporte seemed to be churning out so many audio and video programmes that he was not keeping himself up to date or properly researching his topics.  Laporte seems to be a charming guy but charm is not enough for a tech podcast.  There has to be good content as well.

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Pedro Rafael said...

Sorry to hear you no longer subscribe to the show. We can't do much about the ads and I assume you're referring to the Nick Bilton segment but what is the product review segment you are referring to?