Lesson - Do not visit America

A relative recently passed through Miami Airport on his way back to London after a holiday in the Caribbean. US Customs took him to one side and detained him for three hours, almost causing him to miss his flight. Nothing in his appearance or history would suggest he might be either a criminal or a terrorist [he is a Caucasian investment banker].

He was not questioned. After three hours being held in unpleasant conditions he was told he could go. When he asked why he had been detained an arrogant officer refused to answer. He just managed to catch his flight back to London.

I have not visited the USA for years. Maybe I will go again when you all calm down and stop treating visitors like criminals.

Meanwhile, my relative has  learned  two lessons.

1.  Don't visit America.

2.  Don't arm the stupid [in other words, if you give petty officials excessive powers they will abuse those powers]

According to the US Travel Association, foreign visitor numbers have dropped every year since 2001, with 2.4 million fewer overseas visitors last year than in 2000. However, not to worry. With its huge budget and trade surpluses the USA does not need income from foreign tourists.

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