Wrap Rage

Amazon has announced that it is going to try and develop 'Frustration-Free Packaging' to counter the problem of wrap rage. I had never heard the term 'wrap rage' used before but I recognise the problem.

We once used to be able to open packaging with our fingers, now a tool is required.  At first it was just a pocketknife. Soon we will need bolt cutters to open a packet of dried pasta.

Manufacturers have increased the strength of their packaging and consumers are suffering for it with torn fingernails and high blood pressure. I wonder how many people a have to go to casualty wards each year after cutting themselves with a knife whilst trying to open packaging.

The problem first started to appear after some people put poison in supermarket products, either out of malice or to try and blackmail the supermarkets. We had several such cases in the UK and soon after the supermarkets added tamper proof packaging. Then the first cases of wrap rage started to appear.

At first it was just food but now most products seem to suffer from over packaging. I think the main driver now is the desire of shops and supermarkets to cut down on the number of products that have to be returned to the manufacturer because they have been damaged in transit or storage. These returns are an expensive hassle fort retailers and customer proof wrapping seems to be their answer.

Wrap rage sufferers can only hope Amazon’s campaign succeeds.

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