OpenID is just a scam

TechCrunch reports that Yahoo has joined the OpenID movement. They think this is good. I do not.

How does OpenID work?

1. You log on to an openid provider [e.g. Yahoo]. Yahoo put a cookie on your PC.

2. You go to another site. Instead of entering your user name and password you click on the 'Longin with OpenID' button.

3. The site checks the cookie with Yahoo and lets you enter the site.


You don't need to enter your user name and password for every site you visit. I dont do that anyway. Firefox rembers my passwords and automatically enters the correct ID for each site I visit. I secure my passwords with a master password which I only have to enter into Firefox at the begining of each browsing session.


Your OpenID provider knows every site you visit. That can sell that usage information to advertisers. Thats why they are all keen on OpenID.

I think OpenID is just a scam to allow users to be tracked around the web. Websites had to come up with something new because so many people have started clearing their cookies, especially if they are Firefox users.

Every time you log into a website with a Yahoo OpenID Yahoo will get to know which website you are visiting. This is not only valuable information for Yahoo; it creates user information which can be sold to others. The entire scam is about tracking your web browsing and making money from that information.

No thanks.

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Todd HellsKitchen said...

I'm still mad at Yahoo for ratting out all the Chinese activists!