How to move your RSS subscriptions [feeds]

This post explains how to move your RSS feeds from Bloglines to Fastladder. The process is similar if you were moving from Bloglines to Google Reader, or between any online or offline RSS aggregators.

The process is very easy because all aggregators allow you to export or import your RSS feeds in a single file [called an OPML file].

Let us suppose that you are dissatisfied with Bloglines and want to move to Fastladder.

Step 1

Click on ‘Export Subscriptions’ in the bottom left hand corner of the Bloglines page.

Step 2

Save the OPML file containing a copy of all your feeds to your hard disk.

Step 3

Open an account at Fastladder.

Step 4

Start Fastladder and click on ‘Others’, and then ‘Settings’.

Step 5

Click on ‘Import’

Step 6

Click in the ‘Upload OPML’ box and the click on ‘Browse’. Browse to the OPML file you downloaded from Bloglines and select it.

You are finished. You have now moved a copy of all your RSS feeds to Fastladder. Your Bloglines account is still open and has all your feeds. You can go back to Bloglines at any time.

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