Sod the environment

Yes, I do believe that global warming is changing our climate.

Yes, I do believe that some good, and many, many bad things, will happen as a consequence.

Yes, I do believe that if we change our way of life we can mitigate some of those effects.

No, I am not going to change.

I used to care, but now I don’t. I have no intention whatsoever of changing my lifestyle to reduce my carbon emissions. I am going to continue running my car and central heating. And, I am definitely going to continue flying around the world in my pursuit of fun. The budget airlines are guaranteed my patronage for as long as I can afford it.

Why do I say sod the environment? It is because I see no reason why I should do with less so that 300 million fat arsed Americans can continue porking themselves on the environment. They are not cutting back, why should I? Petrol is still cheaper than bottled mineral water and I see no sign that that will change.

What really got my goat was a small item in the New York Times. It reported that only 6% of Americans use low energy light bulbs. WTF!! The technology is there to save energy, and it will not cost them anything. Low energy light bulbs cost more to purchase but they save even larger sums of money over their lives.

"Electricity counts for roughly one-fifth of our energy use, and is responsible for approximately a third of our carbon emissions. More than 70% of this electricity is generated using fossil fuels, and in the conversion process, around 65% of that energy is wasted."

If every household in the USA installed just one energy saving bulb they would be able to close five power stations. Even so, those stupid, selfish bastards cannot even be bothered to screw in a different light bulb.

Easyjet here I come. I know you can pay extra to get a seat with more legroom. I wonder if you can pay extra to book on a plane with particularly high carbon emissions.

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