A nice little earner - UK police pay

"SOME police officers are earning up to £100,000 a year, triple their basic salary, by putting in thousands of hours in overtime.

The figures, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, will alarm London police regulators and reformers within Scotland Yard who are examining wideranging changes in the Met’s operations.

In 2004-05, one constable received £55,960 in overtime, making his final earnings £99,317. The average overtime payment for a uniformed constable is £4,000 a year, for 200 extra hours. Dectective constables can earn double that.

The top-earning sergeant last year was paid £62,741 in overtime, bringing his total to £109,643, including allowances of £11,908 — almost as much as the Prime Minister, who earns £121,437, and more than the £104,000 paid to a deputy assistant commissioner. On average, sergeants earned £5,000 in overtime.


Todd HellsKitchen said...

Yes! Since 9/11.... NYPD overtime has been HUGE.

These inflated wages figure into computing their pensions. And so, cops are retiring in droves at this peak salary, with their hefty inflated pensions.

Don't know your arrangement in the UK regarding pensions...

Mr. H.K.
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- said...

The UK police can retire after 20 years on an inflation adjusted pension of two thirds final salary. i dont know if overtime is taken into account. the cost to the taxpayer is huge. no other occupation has benefits like the police.