Klein Bottles and Cuckoo's Eggs

A Klein Bottle is a topological object with a single surface. It is rather like a more complicated Mobius Strip. The Klein Bottle in the picture is the largest glass one ever made. The chap holding the bottle is Clifford Stoll. He owns the firm that made the bottle. Back in 1989 he wrote ‘The Cuckoo’s Egg’, a book about Cliff’s hunt for a hacker. The book has become a classic, at least amongst the geek community. The story started with Cliff discovering a minor accounting discrepancy at the Lawrence Berkely Laboratory, involved the FBI, KGB and various police forces, and ended with somebody being burnt in a wood outside Hanover, Germany.

I checked on Amazon and it appears to be out of print at the moment. Amazon UK does not even have a second hand copy. I hope it will be reprinted soon, its a very good read.

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Todd HellsKitchen said...

Always keep an eye on www.ABEBOOKS.com for second hand copies...

Mr. H.K.
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